Safe Place To Stand During A Break

Make Sure You’re Not Directly Behind The Rack

The most obvious thing about being safe while the billiards rack is being broken is too stand clear of the end of the table where the rack is going to be broken. I’ve seen people stand directly behind the rack time and time again. The best place to stand is off to one of the sides of the table about half way through. Our friends from the Atlanta pool table shop tell us that it is all to often that people don’t stand clear of the break.


If you’re buying solution to create your game room with all new technology and the very best new games you must create an agenda. Getting your game room fully equipped to produce your whole family ready and happy to pull away to the room is not that difficult but it does require some preparation. A lot of folks agree the most effective method to create an area in this way is with a pool table and all of the billiard equipment that you’re likely to have to maintain your loved ones content. Having the ability to get this done within your budget might be challenging.

Sadly the universe of pool equipment and billiard supplies is considered to be somewhat expensive. It is a huge help towards establishing your gaming room, in cash and benefit.

Some additional items you will have to create your gaming room correctly will be some balls and pool cues, stands as well as the pool chalk. These products come in many different fashions and also you ought to not have any trouble picking the ones which are going to do along with flavors and your decor. This can be an accessory that is incredibly significant as it’s the spotlight in your billiard table. This makes the large effect on the feel and look of your room. So ensuring you do a bit of research and get the best value along with the best deals for you as well as your loved ones is crucial.

If you’re a newcomer to this game room put in place then first thing you’re likely to want is pool table or a billiard table. There really are a huge variety of options you could make also it might be somewhat overwhelming. A lot of folks pick from the kind of wood that they enjoy but you may also pick by the color of the surface of the table. Selecting one that fits your decor is the strategy to use. In the event you had been to purchase your table online the transportation prices may be a bit much. Another place which you should attempt would be among the local billiards halls, since they can involve some tables which can be refurbished on occasion available. This will be an excellent method to save a bit of cash.

Billiards Safety Basics From A Pro

Basic Safety

Basic safety applies in billiards as it does in many things. We can all use common sense when it comes to safety while playing pool. One of the simplest and obvious things that you can do is stay clear of the shooting ball as the player is about to strike, especially during the break. Another thing to be careful with is the weight of the pool table itself when it is being moved. The correct way to move a pool table is to have it fully dis-assembled before it is moved. The felt will be removed and you can re-use or apply new felt. The best way to handle the whole operation is to hire a pool table movers, yes, there are guys that exist that do this as a profession.

Why A Pool Table Is So Heavy

ohio-pool-tableSlate bed pool tables will be people who adore and comprehend the game or the most favorite billiard tables. Unlike the wooden kind of table the slate bed ones ensure dependability and uniformity in the sport or a pool game. The key part is birch, as ordinary wood would do over time, which can be an artificial substance that will not shrink or fold.

Slate bed billiard tables are usually pricey due the precision which goes into creating a consistent and leveled table as well as the substance that’s used in its building. Few folks purchase such a billiard table for domestic functions; they’re mainly seen in areas of amusement. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to get this wonderful table at home in a lower cost.

It’s generally misconceived that second hand pool tables are inconsistent enough to guarantee a smooth game. Nevertheless, reconditioned slate bed pool tables are not as false as the ones that are brand new are. Seeking reconditioned billiard tables is made more easy by websites which will assist you to find shops in you locality which sell the best billiard tables along with tables. Moreover, these second hand pool beds come with the accessories needed for the game, but the cost may change depending on the dimension of the bed any added accessories, in addition to the substance which makes up the table construction.

Staying Safe On The Side Of The Road

Staying safe on the side of the road is somewhat of an oxymoron. I mean seriously how safe can you be if you are changing the tire on the side of the freeway while cars are whizzing by you at 70 mph, just a few feet away. But there are things to do while you were working on the side of the road. This may be one of the most dangerous jobs to have if you are a roadside worker.
Number one: be aware of your surroundings. There is only so much that you can do to control a situation where you are working very close to cars that are moving in a high-speed. But you can be aware of your surroundings and you should be. Take a look at potential hazards and do what you can to make the best of the situation. If you are in a tow truckuse the tow truck to your vantage. Park in a manner where as the tow truck can become a protective barrier to you in case a car lost control and headed in the direction that you are working.also, make use of protective clothing and high visibility work wear to ensure that people have no problem seeing you.there have been studies that say that your work beacons can have a negative impact on your safety. Some studies have shown a Moss a fact when an emergency vehicle has their full light beacon lit up. What I mean is, that a person driving can actually be drawn to the flashing lights. They recommended method is using just your four-way flashing emergency lights while this manner you can be seen but not highly drawing attention of a driver especially an impaired driver.
It is also important to move smartly. What I mean by moving smartly is make all your actions count. Ensure that you are doing things quickly and efficiently but not in a rush. If there are any things that can be done off the side of the freeway get them get done the east centrals and then drive or cold vehicle off the freeway to an area that is safer to complete the work.try not to create a spectacle for people to look at if possible. Stay low-key and keep a low profile, do your work and then be on your way. Find local towing companies that are doing an awesome job here.

Let the person that you are helping drive away before you do. In this way there is less distraction and you have more room to get a running start. Don’t be afraid to take the amount of time that you need to find an opening in traffic before you merge back onto the freeway.stay safe and be aware at all times. This will ensure that you have a long and fulfilling career in your industry.

Emergency Roadside – What To Do

girl on the side of the road - car boke down Stay Safe While You’re Roadside

Getting stuck on the side of the road just never happens at an opportune time, does it? So what should you do when you are stuck on the side of the road… late for a meeting of course. Well the first thing that a lot of people do is get on the phone with triple A to get some assistance, however, not everybody has AAA roadside assistance. If you do have AAA then your in luck because they will have a tow truck on it’s way pronto, they claim that their average wait time is less than thirty minutes. If that’s the case then all you have to do is wait. Now if you are on the side of the street you are probably fine but if you are stuck on the freeway then the California Highway Patrol recommends that you stay in your vehicle, keep your emergency lights flashing and keep your safety belt buckled.


Getting stuck on the side of the freeway is not a joke, in fact it is one of the most dangerous places to get stuck on. It is such a risk that many large cities have implemented emergency services to patrol the freeways and take stranded vehicles and passengers off the freeway and to the next exit where they can find a safe place to place the vehicle while help or until another tow truck arrives.

SANDAG the City of San Diego’s Regional Planning Agency provides a Freeway Service Patrol (FSP), the freeway patrol is a collaborated effort between the city of San Diego, CALTRANS, and the Highway Patrol. Together will the help of contracted private towing companies they provide a roaming freeway patrol to scout and find disabled vehicles and relocated them to safe locations way from the high speed and congested traffic found on any given freeway within the county. the service is free, however, they will not provide towing to your residence or even to a repair facility but you can hire a private tow one your vehicle is relocated to a safe location. You can hire great towing services from the San Diego Towing Network which is a private network of tow truck owner operators based in San Diego, California. They also provide services to San Diego’s South Bay including the largest City of Chula Vista for towing services.

Roadside services are also offered by The San Diego Towing Network: Auto Lock Out Services are available and are provided usually within 30 minutes just like triple A services provide. Auto locksmith services include opening a locked door or a locked trunk. Opening a car door or truck is usually a quick job once the lock smith technician arrives on the scene, this type of service can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

YouTube Video For An Auto Locksmith

Safe Breathing & Allergens

Shop & Workplace Air Monitoring

breathing protection

Allergies can be a nuisance for some, but for others, severe reactions can cause a life-threatening situation. Learning how to prevent and treat reactions could save someone’s life.

Preventing Reactions

Reactions can occur when an individual inhales, touches, or ingests a substance to which they are allergic or have sensitivities. Here are some ways to prevent those reactions:

  • Limit perfume or cologne use. Some people view their signature scent as an extension of the professional demeanor they seek to project. Personal scent should only be detectible if a person is within arm’s reach. If you must wear scent, spray once into the air just ahead of your body, then walk through to give yourself a subtle aroma.
  • Avoid scented candles. Although they can smell delicious, the smoke and artificial scents from candles can be a trigger for asthmatics. Switch to an essential oil diffuser pendant or reed diffuser that only scents your own space instead.
  • Use fewer cleaning chemicals. Some people are very sensitive to the chemicals in common cleaners. Look for eco-friendly or DIY natural cleaners instead.
  • Clearly label all foods. Bring your lunch in sealed containers to avoid cross-contamination. If bringing food for an office luncheon, keep a list of ingredients handy. Common culprits are shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, dairy, and gluten.
  • Don’t smoke inside. Consider switching to e-cigarettes, at least while you’re at work. You’ll still get your nicotine fix, but the smoke on your clothes won’t start someone wheezing.

First Aid – Asthma

Know what to do in the event of an allergy-induced asthma attack.

  • Keep the person calm. Panic makes it harder to breathe. Coax them to take deep, slow breaths as best as they can.
  • Help them sit up, leaning slightly forward. This puts less pressure on the lungs and makes it easier to breathe.
  • Help them use their inhaler if they have one. Call 911 if the person is unresponsive, this is the first attack they’ve had, or if they are not breathing easier in 5 minutes.

First Aid – Food Allergies

  • Call 911 immediately!
  • Ask if the person has an epinephrine auto-injector. Get it for them, and help use it if necessary.
  • The person should lie on their back, lightly covered.
  • Give CPR if there are no signs of breathing, coughing, or movement.

Managers can a class on the topic as part of ongoing safety training to teach others what to do in such a situation.

The paint booth and body repair areas of an auto body shop can produce extremely dangerous conditions for workers tumblrand repair men if they are not equipped with the proper safety and respiratory equipment to protect their lungs while fixing cars. Breathing respirators and dust masks are required when painting or doing body work while conducting collision repairs on a vehicle. Most good auto body repair shops will incorporate mandatory safety equipment into their shop procedures and policies. Take our favorite bumper repair shop in Chula Vista, CA that provides the finest car bumper repairs around. They also are a top auto collision repair center and hold a BBB accreditation and clean business award by the county of San Diego. Please check out their YouTube Channel to learn more about they’re Top Quality Auto Body Shop.

Watch this awesome YouTube Video you can also take a look at their Flickr profile here!

Safety Policies – Not Again!

Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Training

The U.S. federal government regulates the health and safety policies employers are required to follow in order to keep workplaces safe and free from hazards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency that is tasked with creating these health and safety policies. OSHA is also responsible for enforcement of these health and safety policies.


Health and Safety Policies


Workplace health and safety policies are created by OSHA through a rigorous development process known as the OSHA rulemaking process. This lengthy and extensive process includes significant public engagement, notice and comment periods. During the period of time during which these policies are being created, they are published by the Department of Labor each spring and fall in the Federal Register, so that the public can follow the progress of the regulation. Once they are enacted, regulations are officially published in the Code of Federal Regulations.


Health and Safety Education


Part of OSHA’s role as a federal agency is to provide education on its health and safety policies. This is important because all employers are required to comply with all applicable OSHA standards. There are several methods by which OSHA provides education to employers. Education methods include training, outreach, and assistance. Safety training and real world response preparedness is essential as well. Safety, First Aid, CPR training should be the bear minimum. Now days there is a real threat and possibility of a mentally ill shooter as well, emergency egress training and procedures for this type of threat can and should be installed, regular drills can be scheduled so that if the time should come employees can respond out of training reflex.

First aid training can be broken down into different skills: CPR, Emergency First Aid, BLS training(basic life support), and also AED training, also known as Advanced External Defibrillator training. The National Library of Medicine provides a very thorough explanation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). BLS certification classes are a requirement in many healthcare fields as a minimum requirement. Basic Life Support (BLS) is used to care for a person who has suffered a life threatening episode such as suffocation or drowning, heart attack, or being chocked (airway obstruction). Have all essential personnel attend a first aid certification class. CPR classes and first aid should be a top priority and again… a bear minimum for training requirements.


Cooperative Programs


OSHA offers cooperative programs to help employers understand and apply the health and safety policies that pertain to their industry. Cooperative programs allow businesses and other organizations, including labor groups, to work with OSHA to prevent deaths, injuries and illnesses in the workplace. Programs include the Alliance Program and the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program. Another program offered by OSHA is the Voluntary Protection Program. This program recognizes employers and workers who have implemented effective safety and health policies that allow them to maintain injury and illness rates below that of the natural average.




Employers and employees that are interested in making improvements to their workplace health and safety policies can do so through the OSHA Challenge Program. In this program, Challenge Administrators guide participants through a three-stage process to create an effective system to prevent injuries and illnesses, and even fatalities. Additional assistance in creating an effective health and safety policy is available through OSHA’s on-site consultation program.